Optimise your vehicle fleet and add value for your customers and your organization

Vehicles are key to the success of many companies. But at the same time, vehicle fleet management may involve a lot of administration. Portify Fleet Intelligence means you can set vehicle management to autopilot.

Let the system deal with prioritisation of future tasks and simplify and reduce administration by eliminating paperwork.

Readily accessible analyses give you the opportunity to make the right decisions at the right time in order to add value for your customers while also reducing your costs.

Vehicle information

All information on your vehicles, such as mileages and equipment levels, in a single location. View all servicing and inspection history for your vehicle. Accessible and easy to understand for anyone who needs information, whenever they need it at any location.

Driving logs

Digital and automatic driving logs that allow your drivers to focus on their work, with minimal administration. All information on journeys made is available and drivers indicate whether they were travelling on business or for private purposes, along with the purpose of the journey, in accordance with Swedish Tax Agency requirements.

Real-time positioning

Our map view allows you to see immediately where your vehicles are – in real time.


No more missed services or inspections. Make sure your vehicles retain their resale value. You can work proactively with your vehicle fleet using our automatic reminder function. The system can help you to prioritise your future actions so that you can ensure your vehicles are always in peak condition and ready to serve your customers.


View data that can provide you with valuable insights into your vehicle fleet. How and when are your vehicles used? Do you have the right number of vehicles? You can use comparisons to see which units are delivering and which are showing potential for improvement – all with a view to reducing your costs and improving your customers’ experiences.

Fully automatic Car Pool

BOKA manages different vehicles in one and the same pool – bicycles, electric vehicles, fuel vehicles, etc. Regulations control which resource you are allocated. Self-service, with automatic key cabinet. Automated booking, driving logs and billing.

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