Fully automatic Car Pool

Helautomatisk Bilpool

Car Pool manages different
vehicle types. All kinds of cycles,
electric vehicles and standard vehicles.

The system automatically makes sure
that there is even wear and tear
on all vehicles.

Automated booking,
driving logs, key management
and billing.

Add or remove vehicles
in just a few seconds.

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Why use the BOKA Car Pool?

Self-service, with automatic key cabinet.

Flexible, customised vehicle billing. Charge per kilometre, hour or weekend.

Really easy account management. Users can create their own accounts in the system.

Electronic driving logs are used to report completed journeys automatically.

Key cabinet

The cabinet is opened using a card reader or by entering a PIN code on a touchscreen. Cost-effective handling. No staff needed for handling and storing keys. Ignition interlock devices can be added.

How it works!

Create your booking.

Collect your key from the cabinet.

Drive carefully!

Return the key to the cabinet.

Your bill is ready to be sent.

Get the most out of your resources


BOKA is a resource management system for vehicles, equipment, premises and services with a special focus on vehicle administration and carpools.

BOKA was originally created for customers using pool cars, service cars and other vehicles within their own organisations; however, it has now been expanded to work with all types of vehicles (e.g., passenger cars, bicycles, lawn mowers, lorries and excavators).

Managing and monitoring individual vehicles, the department’s vehicles or the entire company’s vehicle fleet has now been made easy. Boka allows you to work proactively in terms of service, inspection and in generating data for analysis and in aiding the decision-making process.


BOKA manages business premises, and the system can be integrated with Outlook in an ingenious manner. It offers everything users need in order to work in their natural software environments. The business premises can be integrated with the service module so that coffee breaks or events can be booked together as needed. Moreover, cost management is made simple.


The term services can refer to a person, a cafeteria, a mail handling centre etc. It is very easy to see the benefits this module has to offer.

No matter whether you want to offer such services internally or externally, the system makes customer handling extremely easy.


Take control of all of your equipment by packaging it together or by allowing each piece to be booked separately.

Use one of our integrations to allow your equipment to communicate with BOKA by fitting the items with GPS trackers so you never lose them.

What do our customers think about BOKA?

“You get more done in less time, and we work proactively with everything. In the past, it took several of us to put out sudden panic fires pretty much constantly. Now, there are fewer of us and we work proactively and more calmly.”

“When working with a lot of manual labour, you really need to be in control in order to manage fleets of this size. However, with Boka, the system takes control and you can spend time on more interesting things, such as efficiency measures and planning.”

19.000 Vehicles

in the system

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