Civic Orientation made easy


Why Advenis


In Advenis, we have gathered all relevant information concerning civic orientation for new arrivals undergoing training. Regardless of role, all users make use of the same tools, which means that the system operates fully on the basis of the authorities granted to users.

Advenis provides a means to generate both summons to participants and course certificates upon completing the education. The community communicator reports on attendees’ presence and absences directly within the program. Administrators and coordinators have access to reports and statistics, which can be processed in Microsoft Excel.


The need to provide newly arrived immigrants with training in civic orientation is constantly increasing. This can be an especially difficult challenge for smaller municipalities.

The training is normally conducted in the native language of the course participants, which in many cases is difficult and costly for smaller municipalities to provide. In order to deal with this, many municipalities work together in providing this kind of education.


The Advenis system was created on assignment by a number of municipalities that wanted to free up time for their administrators by simplifying the administration of the ever-growing number of participants in the training courses.

It was on this basis that we developed Advenis, a tool to minimise administrative work and to free up time for administrators and coordinators.

What do our customers think about Advenis?

“My role involves the responsibility for system administration (but presently, I am a vice-system administrator), and I am responsible for communications. Moreover, I bear overall responsibility for those parties involved.

Advenis allows several agencies to work within the same system. All the information is easily accessible, and we save time and ensure that the work flows smoothly. This means that we do not need to spend so much time on administration – something that all users appreciate.

Advenis is user-friendly and interactive. Portify has been attentive to our needs and we maintain a good dialogue with them.”

What do you get out of Advenis?

  • Municipalities can collaborate and coordinate their educational courses within civic orientation.
  • Regardless of role, all users work within the same tool.
  • The costs to the municipality for providing training decreases.
  • Attractive overview of the participants and the measures that need to be taken.
  • Means of logging in with SITHS card.

Advenis – easy to get started!

Advenis is a web application. No installations are required on the part of the users – only a web browser is needed. Advenis is run at Empir’s data centre. This way, we can easily set up your system and you can start just a few days after you place your order.

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